Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Athens, Greece

Market in Athens
Market in Athens
Our Hotel, 2 Fashion in Athens. VERY retro and Strange place.
Our Room!! Like I said, "Strange." It felt like we were in Africa.
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Athens, Greece -- Mars Hill

This is Tim's favorite place. Mars Hill is the background overlooking Athens. It really was beautiful up here. Mars Hill is right below the Acropolis.

Stairs leading to Mars Hill

Mars Hill. Apostel Paul was actually on Mars Hill to make a statement.

Tim on Mars Hill.
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Athens, Greece The Acropolis

Erechtheionand caryatids

Tim and Patti at the Parthenon or Temple of Athena.

From the Athens-Acropolis looking down on Herod Atticus Theater

Athens acropolis -- The Propylaea
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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Corinth, Greece

Canal between Athens and Corinth. We had lunch along this canal at a restaurant right on the canal.
Temple of Zeus in Corinth.
Bema where Paul stood and preached in Corinth.
Where the women went to get water in Corinth.
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Thessaloniki, Greece

Thessaloniki is the second largest city in Greece.

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Veria - Ancient Berea

Beautiful mosaics of Paul in Veria (Ancient Berea) Greece.

Housing in Veria, Greece.
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Patti, ship and acropolis in background.
Fisherman loading nets onto small fishing boat in Kavala
Roman Aqueduck in Kavala, Greece
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Ancient Philippi Theater

BJ, Patti, Tim, Ann
Evie and Dick
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Ancient Philippi, Greece

Tim standing on marble flooring of Temple in Ancient Philippi.
The semicircle marble is the Pulpit of the Temple
Rooms where Paul was thought to be imprisioned.
Some of the Miles of Ruins in Philippi. The city of Philippi was founded in 360 BC
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Kavala, Greece sunset from the ship.
The River Krenides near Philippi. River where Lydia was baptised by Paul.
Beautiful sky.
Ship sitting in Port at Kavala, Greece.
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Dikili, Turkey

Dikill is a small fishing village. It is a very typical Aegean village. It leads the way to the ancient city of Pergamon 16 miles from the Aegean coast.
Tim in Dikill
Hardware Store
Barber Shop
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